It's a hot one out there, perfect for a Cinemarathon!

Summer time is for picnics in the park, breezy evening walks and… movies.

Yeah sure, you want to soak up that summer sun, but when you need a break from the heat, why not join me for a cinemarathon?

I’m excited to periodically explore a variety of directors’ filmography. My goal is to make the #Cinemarathon a regular fixture at Cinemáquina and I want YOU along for the ride.

Rian Johnson: Indie Filmmaker Turned Father of the Franchise

You might not know that before Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Rian Johnson was an indie director extraordinaire. He slowly built up to feature films with moderately successful shorts, but his brilliant feature debut, Brick spiraled into a growing influence in the industry and eventually lead to giant hits like Looper and the aforementioned ninth installment in the Star Wars franchise (with arguably the best episode of Breaking Bad sprinkled in).

Johnson is a fascinating filmmaker with a quirky approach to storytelling and dialogue that shines in his early indie darlings like The Brother’s Bloom. His filmography is more than worthy of an exploration and it’s a perfect opportunity to revisit his early work leading up to the release of his newest film, Knives Out. Though much hasn’t been released about the film yet, IMDb tells us it’s a crime thriller about a detective and boasts a stellar cast including Chris Evans, Daniel Craig, Michael Shannon, Toni Colette, and Jamie Lee Curtis to name a few.

The supposed late-November release date is the perfect timeline to watch, discuss, and analyze his other films in preparation for the much-anticipated release.

For the first ever Cinemarathon, here’s our watchlist:

June & July: Brick

July & August: The Brother’s Bloom

August & September: Looper

September & October: Star Wars: The Last Jedi

November & december: Knives Out

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Happy watching!