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Film and television have played a big part in my life ever since I can remember. My first viewing of Homeward Bound is engrained in memory. I still remember the feeling of devastation followed by tears when Shadow falls into the pit. It makes me smile to think back on my elation when he makes it home at the end (spoiler alert!)

Flipping on cartoons when I was home sick from school, looking forward to Friday movie nights at home with my family, and learning hard truths about the world. There’s almost always a movie or show attached to those memories. Carefully crafted stories and characters have moved me to the point of tears. Entertaining distractions have given me a chance to laugh until my sides hurt - just when I needed it.

Most people watch movies. not everyone creates a blog about it. So what’s the deal?

The art of storytelling through film and television is something I'm passionate about and my thoughts in this space are my attempts at drawing more from this art form and sharing it with you.

I love films that are off the beaten path. It excites me to learn from filmmakers who have created something excellent, but don’t have an awards show platform or a million dollar marketing budget to share their stories. I want underrepresented voices in film to be heard - indie and aspiring filmmakers, diverse groups, and especially women. I’m also a big believer in enjoying the cinematic experience. Film is art but it’s also entertainment and I want to bridge the gap as often as I can between stuffy criticism and a good ol’ fashioned Friday night at the movies.

Here's the cast of characters in my story: my heartthrob husband of eight years and a big, fluffy, clumsy Goldendoodle named Max. They're pretty great. We live in Brooklyn and love all that this city has to offer. Besides watching movies and writing about them I also enjoy cooking, travel, and a good cup of coffee. Since they're a few of my favorite things, they might pop up from time to time. 

Why Cinemáquina?

When you land on this website the first thing you see is a quote from Roger Ebert. The man is a legend. Not only was he one of the most significant film critics of all time, he truly understood and articulated the impact of cinema.

The inspiration for the name “cinemáquina” comes from the idea of cinema as the ultimate empathy machine. Cine + Máquina (“machine” in Spanish) = Cinemáquina