AFI Top 100 Update


The American Film Institute semi-regularly updates a list of the 100 most influential movies of all time. A jury of 1,500 filmmakers, critics, and historians make up the voting body and the last update was in 2007 (and is probably due for another update soon).

The Unspooled podcast, created by Amy Nicholson (film critic who has been featured in The Guardian, LA Times, and many others) and Paul Scheer (actor who has starred in Veep, Fresh Off The Boat, etc.) are watching every film on the list and discussing each one.

I’m 31 movies in and I’ve enjoyed some great cinema and hilarious conversations courtesy of Paul and Amy.

My personal ranking is on Letterboxd

Are you up for the challenge?

Join me for this very special marathon watching some of the best American films of all time. I’ll be checking in here and sharing my own recommendations and reactions along the way!

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Hannah Lorence